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  1. Sleftan

    Pressing on `erase block` erases the block behind the bottom

    Pressing on 'erase block' erases the block behind the bottom. also pressing on other bottoms while in the erase mode have the same effect. Maybe rather a bad configuration than an bug but nevertheless super annoying.
  2. Sleftan

    Chains, and cogs in different seizes

    Hy, I would like to have chains and cogs in different sieces so you can build better mechanics fore machines. The cogs can be either variable (maybe difficult) or in 2-3 other seizes. The chain simple just as the spring but static.
  3. Sleftan

    Ultimate War Maschine with 6 Catapult, Flamethrower and Canons Fits in the Box!!

    The handling is easy: Drive: Forward: [7]+[8]; Back: [4]+[5];Right:[4]+[8]; left:[7]+[5] Catapult: 1 -6 Flame-throwerleft1: z Flame-throwerleft2: h Flame-throwerright1: t Flame-throwerright2: g Cannon: Turn: left ; right shoot: up shoot straight: down Attached Files Deathmachine.bsg