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  1. Nephlite

    Anyway, why don`t fix invincible tree in ipsilon?

    Please, They has existed for Besiege ver 0.01.
  2. Nephlite

    Suggetion : the Sound block

    Currently, there is no sounds except explosions in Besieged. I've been thinking about how to make nice machine working sounds. How about this one? Adding sound block type. Users can choose pick a sound from the block's option and the sound will play when the block is activated. For sounds, the...
  3. Nephlite

    2 Problems of Besieged that requires a fix ASAP

    First, I introduce myself as an person with Besieged playtime with over 600 hours. For such long time while playing the game, I'm repetitively experiencing the two problems hundreds, thousands times. I grew impatient to wait with my mouth shut until its patch comes, as its terms are too long...
  4. Nephlite

    Catapult Hydra - Long range, Cluster attack

    Catapult Hydra [download] [↑, ↓] : move [←. →] : turn [`] : toggle support legs [1] : activate weapon [2] : trigger Reasonable timespeed : 30~55%