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    Superior Winch Catapult

    Controls: Forward: Up arrow Back: Down arrow Left: Left arrow Right: Right arrow Raise front pivot: R Raise back pivot: T Lower front pivot: F Lower back pivot: G Winches: 7u, 8i, Keypad 74, Keypad 85, Keypad 96, nm Release grabbers on winches: Keypad 0, Keypad Divide, V Launch tension spring: L...
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    Giant Impractical Catapult Named: Big Angry Rock Throwing Behemoth

    Giant catapult that is fireproof (I think... gears???) and soldiers can't get to it. Has over 1000 pieces so it is laggy unless supercomputer or on slow physics speed (to reduce lag use slow physics speed ie. 50%). Controls: Use four of the winches (7u, 8i, 9o, 0p) to reload ammo and the two...