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  1. JΛYCE

    Swivel joint named hinge when inspected with the wrench

    Swivel joint named hinge when inspected with the wrench. Just thought I'd give you a heads up to fix it :p
  2. JΛYCE

    I weaponized the tower

    A little something different. Wasn't quite sure which topic to post this under. I plan on building more things like this.
  3. JΛYCE

    Option to enable standard time rather than Miltary

    It would be nice to be able to see post times in standard time I.e 5:45pm rather than 17:45. I know how to convert it but it's annoying to have to think about what time someone replied or posted rather than just being able to see it right away.
  4. JΛYCE

    To Build A Mech

    Yay we finally have niched down forum sections for specific things such as mechs! I have a collaborative group going over in the groups section where we are currently talking and building all things mechs & walkers and creating new stuff! Come check us out, 7 members and growing :)...
  5. JΛYCE

    Siegeblades - Beyblades In Besiege

    Put together a quick video this evening. I was playing around with spinning and such and came up with the idea to battle some Beyblades! I have a tendency to make more cinematic work out of my creations rather than showing them just in action without any effects but oh well :o Let it Rip!
  6. JΛYCE

    To Build A Mech

    I've created a group where I'm hoping to culminate a community of people to help create and contribute to walking, bipedal mechs / robots. I really think that with enough effort and enthusiasm from the community, that we can come up with awesome designs! The group exists here...
  7. JΛYCE

    Post your build I`ll review it! (Update: Episode 4 Added!)

    Update: (Mar 4th) - Build Reviews episode 4 complete! I went after a different approach this time around as I am trying to see what you guys like best and I also enjoy changing things up a bit. Please let me know what you think about this episode. Normally I spend about 10 minutes toying with...