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  1. svetli97

    Specific example of how insignia breaks when transformed

    Transforming insignia doesn't work properly when they are deactivated, being moved for a duration and the transform event is triggered in an object that is not the insignia. It seems to work fine if the insignia is the one triggering the event or if it is not deactivated. I will not...
  2. svetli97

    Highlighting items in the wrong menu in level editor (minor bug)

    I'm highlighting items from the "buildings&props" and "humans" menus while I have the "virtual" menu open.
  3. svetli97

    How to break the game in a few seconds

    I don't even have an idea of what is happening here:
  4. svetli97

    How do I even explain this...

    A transform event that is supposed to move a sphere 1 m moves it ~60 m. I have no words.
  5. svetli97

    Textured block textures on side walls don't scale properly

    when resizing one of the textured blocks in the x and z (the two horizontal) directions the side walls' textures don't don't scale properly. In fact, they scale when they should only be extended the way they do on the top and bottom surfaces. This leads to very stretched and ugly looking side...
  6. svetli97

    Shabby Roof hit box doesn't scale in the vertical direction.

    Not a particularly important bug but if you have some spare time you might fix that as well. You will probably be receiving lots of bug reports from me in the next few weeks.
  7. svetli97

    Transforming objects don't interact with stationary objects

    If a transform event is moving an object that object will not interact with pushable objects that are currently stationary. I suppose this is because you want to make the game perform better when most of the movable objects are stationary but then you should test the objects that aren't movable...
  8. svetli97

    Transform events sometimes don't activate

    I have a transform event that moves a group of objects including insignia and for some reason for one of the insignia sometimes it gets moved with a delay after I have already tried to move it a few more times and just does all the transforms instantly and for some reason one of the transforms...
  9. svetli97

    More than 9 players in a game

    I don't get it why there is a 9 player limit to the multiverse. Is it literally just because you wanted to save space in the field there you write the player limits? The servers are hosted by the players and you don't need a very powerful PC to run a game with more players if the map is not too...
  10. svetli97

    Wheel acceleration doesn't apply to breaking.

    The wheel acceleration doesn't apply when I just release the keys and let the vehicle stop and instead they just get infinite acceleration. The only way I found to get around this bug and prevent your vehicles from flipping over whenever you want to stop is to start accelerating backwards so...
  11. svetli97

    Respawning while on insignia doesn't trigger "exit" event.

    I was making a control point and I noticed that leaving the point by respawning doesn't trigger the exit event for the player which makes the point still count him there. Could you fix this? Or add another event option that is respawning while on insignia although that doesn't seem as useful.
  12. svetli97

    Cannot transform spawning areas

    For some reason there is no way to move the spawning areas during the simulation. Is this a bug or is this supposed to be so? Everything else can be moved. Since there isn't a way to teleport players as well this really limits the ability to make maps that change over time.
  13. svetli97

    How do I select multiple objects in the level editor?

    I hope I'm asking at the right place. I couldn't find it in the key bindings or anywhere in this forum.
  14. svetli97

    Flipping Cogs

    There is no reason why we can't flip cogs. It is a very simple change in the code. Please do that.
  15. svetli97

    Robot driving a car

    I made a car that can be driven by a simple robot.
  16. svetli97

    Simulation works when not simulating

    I've noticed that some objects simulate even when the simulation is stopped. I'll upload a video soon about it here but I think you may have seen it before.
  17. svetli97

    Physics Engine Randomness

    For some reason there is a bit of randomness in every simulation. But that's not as bad as the fact that there is a very big difference between the way it simulates before and after saving. I have no idea why this happens. I'm using version 0.05 for windows.