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  1. Ross

    Rapid loop timer on wheel locks up game in v1.02

    I'm not sure if there was a stealth update or if the glitch was just my computer momentarily acting up, but the problem seems to be resolved! :)
  2. Ross

    Rapid loop timer on wheel locks up game in v1.02

    I attached a simple demo machine. When you press "B" to start the timer, it's supposed to tap the forward button on the wheel every 0.01 seconds, but it quickly freezes the game. It didn't do this in v1.01. If you set the timer to work every 1.00 second instead, it doesn't lock up the game...
  3. Ross

    Helicopter built in Besiege v0.01 (Surprisingly good!)

    The Da Vinci Dragon is the OPPOSITE of building with mods: I restricted myself to building in the spartan Besiege v0.01, AND I didn't use flying spirals. So the only airfoils left were the huge batwings, and propeller blades that couldn't be flipped. But don't be fooled by the Dragon's humble...
  4. Ross

    The Rune Master (for the "Like Clockwork" achievement)

    Sadly, I don't speak Italian, so the best I can do is Google Translate. The Rune Master batte il Revolving Monolith in 12 secondi senza afferratori nel mio video Besiege v0.85! Il risultato "Like Clockwork" sta battendo il "Monolito girevole" della Zona 43 senza usare alcun grabber. Ecco come...
  5. Ross

    The Rune Master (for the "Like Clockwork" achievement)

    You can see The Rune Master earn the "Like Clockwork" achievement in 12 seconds in the demo video! Steam Workshop:
  6. Ross

    "The Social One" Glitch

    The number of servers joined resets to zero. I'm not sure exactly what conditions cause it to reset, but my number doesn't stay greater than zero for long. It might be every time the game is restarted.
  7. Ross

    Sad news

    Wow, that is a tremendous amount of work. I once had to reformat my hard drive, and I selected the option to not delete data. It turns out that all that option does is set aside what's in your user folders, so everything that's not in those folders (like saved machines) is gone forever. So...
  8. Ross

    Besiege KMX LAVs

    IMO, skid steering can be as good as RTC, depending on what you're trying to do. RTC systems aren't hard to design, but the mechanism can take up space that you might want for something else, especially if you're building vanilla (without scaling). These machines are all really cool; they're...
  9. Ross

    Beating Besiege with One Block?!

    Well, not quite all the zones, but more than you might expect. And the machine I'm posting here is the one that put my one block run over the top! I figured out that, if you adjust the scaling and power of a water cannon, it's actually possible to drive it in a somewhat controlled way. I...
  10. Ross

    v0.70 doesn't read very old machine files correctly.

    I noticed this with my Plane Vanilla machine, which I built in v0.01. If you try to load it in the new v0.70, it shows up with the flying spirals and grabber missing. I tried it with other machines I built in v0.01, and the pattern seems to be that blocks with buttons mapped to them are...
  11. Ross

    Building a plane in v0.01!

    I downloaded Besiege v0.01, the very first version, and built the best airplane I could in it. The result is a plane that's surprisingly useful in small levels that require precise maneuvering, and also good for sightseeing in new maps. Since I actually built it in the first version, and it...
  12. Ross

    Flying Wall-Climbing Crane!

    As requested, here's a direct download link. I hope you enjoy my machine!
  13. Ross

    Flying Wall-Climbing Crane!

    Inspired by the new zones, I did a complete overhaul of one of my best machines, aiming for optimum land and air mobility! I proudly introduce, the Brown Recluse MkII. Run the rotors one way for downforce, which lets you drive anywhere, even up walls! The downforce also helps keep the wheels...
  14. Ross

    Is there a reason the old sandbox was nixed?

    I was thinking about this again, and I had an idea. If they don't want the old sandbox in the official game, how about adding it to the EXAMPLE LEVELS folder in Multiverse? That way, at least it's not completely gone.
  15. Ross

    Is there a reason the old sandbox was nixed?

    It's not quite the same. There are a ton of little differences, and a few major ones. The castle can't be destroyed with OP weapons other than bombs, the wind obstacles and gravity pads seem a lot stronger, which significantly changes some of the challenges I liked to do. Plus, I just liked...
  16. Ross

    Color saturation option, Snowy mountain ranges

    That's true, I forgot about the 3rd color parameter. Alternatively, they could let us adjust RGB values independently, which I would find more intuitive. Bat at least entering the hex color code gives a way around that, even if it is inconvenient. Not being able to control the texture is the...
  17. Ross

    Is there a reason the old sandbox was nixed?

    The new sandbox is great, but the old sandbox offered a unique ambiance and set of challenges, too. I don't see a reason not to have both. It would be nice to have the original sandbox, or perhaps another Ipsilon-styled sandbox, so the player has the option to experiment in a bright and sunny...
  18. Ross

    Color saturation option, Snowy mountain ranges

    Right now, you can adjust the hue of a hill or basic shape, but not the color saturation. It may seem like a small detail, but if you want to add terrain to a sunny Ipsilon environment, there's no way to make the hills blend in with the white ground. EDIT: I figured out that it can be done...
  19. Ross

    6 Block Airplane, built with the new tools!

    I'm really loving the new building tools, and I finally put the to good use! I happily introduce the 6 Block Clover. Its unique flying character takes practice, but it should be fun once you get the hang of it! Steam Workshop:
  20. Ross

    Now that multi-key mapping is an official part of the game...

    Thanks, Von! Now that I think about it, you're right that it would have to be programmed differently. Also, I've realized that if they do give us forward and backward controls on the flying spiral, it will still be helpful to have a "reverse" option, or a way to flip the flying spiral the way...