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  1. SSsylver

    Block Spawner [Spaar`s Automatron 1.1.6] [Besiege v0.45]

    Hello! I wanted to give a try to besiege modding and I ended up with this ! A spaar's Automatron addon that let you spawn blocks using the automatron! Installation You need to have the spaar's Automatron 1.1.6 and more installed in order to work, then simply put the .dll into your mod folder...
  2. SSsylver

    My little modded Plane

    Hello guys ! Today Ï want to show you my just finished Work : This flying little thing that I made. It can take off but not land (rockets are hard to stop without crashing) In Flight It also have two cameras (switch by using "F") : one following and one First Person Controls...