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  1. svetli97

    Bug with Win for player with the highest progress

    I can confirm from my tests that a team doesn't need to have a player to win but I haven't used the "highest progress" thing.
  2. svetli97

    How do I even explain this...

    Yeah the only thing the devs need to do is to reset the value of the duration when you switch to "instant" or to internally use a value of 1 when on instant if they want to keep it so that the players can switch between "duration" and "force" without losing the value.
  3. svetli97

    Specific example of how insignia breaks when transformed

    Transforming insignia doesn't work properly when they are deactivated, being moved for a duration and the transform event is triggered in an object that is not the insignia. It seems to work fine if the insignia is the one triggering the event or if it is not deactivated. I will not...
  4. svetli97

    Highlighting items in the wrong menu in level editor (minor bug)

    I'm highlighting items from the "buildings&props" and "humans" menus while I have the "virtual" menu open.
  5. svetli97

    Respawn on machine take damage doesnt work when being damagedwhile respawning.

    Yeah I already reported the inability to move the spawn areas.
  6. svetli97

    Respawn on machine take damage doesnt work when being damagedwhile respawning.

    Oh that's a weird one. I'm hoping they add walls that can be entered only by one team. This would be one way to do it. Another option is to try resetting the spawning area when respawning. This might fix it.
  7. svetli97

    Respawn on machine take damage doesnt work when being damagedwhile respawning.

    What do you mean by "while respawning". Respawning is instant. It would help if you show screenshots of your settings or something like this. It really depends on how you are doing the respawn timer.
  8. svetli97

    How to break the game in a few seconds

    I don't even have an idea of what is happening here:
  9. svetli97

    How do I even explain this...

    UPDATE#3 Possible explanation. For each event the game saves a list of values (numbers, text,...) but if you change the settings on an event it will not change the values and you won't see them. It does the same for the event listeners. You can see this by making an event listener and then...
  10. svetli97

    How do I even explain this...

    UPDATE#2: How to recreate! 1. Set the "transform" event to "duration" and set the duration to a number (let's say x). 2. Set the "transform" event to "instant". 3. Run the simulation. Now the transform values for the coordinates will be multiplied by 1/x because that makes so much sense!
  11. svetli97

    How do I even explain this...

    UPDATE: it was exactly 100 blocks.
  12. svetli97

    How do I even explain this...

    Also there are no other event listeners or anything else in this world that you cannot see.
  13. svetli97

    How do I even explain this...

    A transform event that is supposed to move a sphere 1 m moves it ~60 m. I have no words.
  14. svetli97

    Textured block textures on side walls don't scale properly

    when resizing one of the textured blocks in the x and z (the two horizontal) directions the side walls' textures don't don't scale properly. In fact, they scale when they should only be extended the way they do on the top and bottom surfaces. This leads to very stretched and ugly looking side...
  15. svetli97

    Cannot transform spawning areas

    Yes I suppose it's mostly because of the way the camera works because changing where the vehicle spawns is just a few numbers in the physics engine but for the camera and maybe some other stuff they need to change things outside the physics engine which is harder.
  16. svetli97

    Shabby Roof hit box doesn't scale in the vertical direction.

    Not a particularly important bug but if you have some spare time you might fix that as well. You will probably be receiving lots of bug reports from me in the next few weeks.
  17. svetli97

    Cannot transform spawning areas

    I mean to move the spawning areas to another place during the simulation with events.
  18. svetli97

    Transforming objects don't interact with stationary objects

    If a transform event is moving an object that object will not interact with pushable objects that are currently stationary. I suppose this is because you want to make the game perform better when most of the movable objects are stationary but then you should test the objects that aren't movable...
  19. svetli97

    Transform events sometimes don't activate

    I just tested it by moving the insignia instantly and left only the solid objects to move for a period of time and now it works fine so I guess the bug is caused when you try to trigger an insignia that is moving at that moment and somehow breaks the movement.