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  1. ITR

    I think this is a memory leak bug

    Nice catch, should be caught by , not sure if that's called in the game though
  2. ITR

    Favourite Mods Tab

  3. ITR

    I just found it impossible to write a FocusFix mod. It has to be done vanillaly.

    Instead of replacing it, try modifying the public values of the already existing one. If you need to check if the target has changed you can store a reference to the current target and compare it to the one in MouseOrbit in LateUpdate
  4. ITR

    Crashed many times recently

    At launch means before mods are loaded? Just in case, could you try unsubscribing from all mods just in case? (I'd advise keeping a list of which ones you were subscribed to so you can easily resubscribe)
  5. ITR

    Help needed with skinning short_log

    Did you test with short blocks or shortened long blocks?
  6. ITR

    "Beseige.exe is not responding" error

    I don't notice anything strange except the error after 'Caspercaper17\'s model pack', but that might be nothing. You can try to unsubscribe from all your mods and see if that fixes anything. Before that you might want to make sure all your drivers are up to date.
  7. ITR

    Dosen't let the creation load

    Looks like it uses a modded block that's broken. A lot of mods broke due to some major changes in the update, so assume a mod doesn't work unless tested or specified otherwise.
  8. ITR

    Dosen't let the creation load

    The machine should still load, that's just a warning. It means that some of the keys assigned to the machine are also used in your game controls (From the main menu > Options > Controls)
  9. ITR

    Rotate camera with trackpad

    Right-click + drag should work, I guess there might be some issues with how it tries to detect the right-click on a macbook? I tried googling it, but couldn't find any solutions other than somebody suggesting to use a computer mouse. You can try this...
  10. ITR

    Linux Windowed Mode Issues

    I've had similar problems ion windows with unity games, sometimes it's fixed by putting it in windowed mode, then dragging it to the correct screen and closing it normally. For windows there's -adapter, but unity doesn't support that for linux. You could try messing around with some of the...
  11. ITR

    cant open it...

    Hmm, it looks like it's open on the bottom there, maybe it's on somehow out of view? Can you try opening the game through steam? (Open steam, go to library, select the game, press "play")
  12. ITR

    How do I update the Game?

    Oh, just saw your other message, did you maybe buy it at Not sure what other sites the game is on, maybe @Von knows.
  13. ITR

    How do I update the Game?

    If you bought it off steam then it should update automatically. If you bought the DRM-free version then you have to download it again from the site you bought it on, IIRC
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    Please do not bump the thread by reposting your message and deleting your old one @Noahoscar986
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    Editing Mods

    did you make sure to do "1000", and not "1k"? And you should be able to change it in the savefile. Though it might have a max amount spawned in per block, in which case you'd have to spawn more and extend whereever it reads them from. You can try asking the author if it's open source.
  16. ITR

    Is this a bug? Need help please

    make sure the red part of the sphere doesn't intersect with the green part of the block you want to make "immune". You can also try messing with the block-order and see if that changes how they connect.
  17. ITR

    Steam Creations Don't Load In

    Strange. I remember somebody recently said they had suddenly lost all their subscribed stuff, but that seemingly fixed itself on it's own (I think they redownloaded). Have you checked your workshop folder?
  18. ITR

    Editing Mods

    I'm not sure what you're trying to accomplish, what mod did you download, and what did you want to change? And why?
  19. ITR

    Steam Creations Don't Load In

    If you have a slower internet connection then it might take some time before all your subscribed items have been downloaded. If you wait a while on the main menu then it might work? Not sure how to see workshop download status.