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  1. krowanek

    Steam subscribed creations order

    Simple thing. I have hundreds of subscribed creations from steam and it's really annoying when I need to go throught all list to find my latest subscriptions. It would be much better if list would start with latest and end with oldest. That's all.
  2. krowanek

    Resizing already placed blocks

    Hi all, I found easy way for resizing already placed blocks, using combination of PBP2 and TGYD's Building Tools. Works very simple: 1. Place a block (or use any of your creations) 2. Set and toggle on Scale function in PBP2 3. Select blocks you want to resize using TGYD's Building Tools 4...
  3. krowanek

    Hot Air Balloon

    Block count: 1014 !Quite complex design. Can be laggy at 100%. Recommend 50-75% time speed! Also it sometimes looses some baloons if started with too high speed. If this happen, reduce time speed at start of simulation. Controls: c - (hold) relese holding ropes (you won't fly far without it)...
  4. krowanek

    Sentry spaceship 2

    Block count: 818 !!!Requires Zero G!!! Updated version with remaped controls and small upgrades to work better with infinity ammo power. Complex build - can be quite laggy at 100%. Controls: Arrows to move forward, backward, left and right Num pad: [+], [-] - move up and down [4], [6] -...
  5. krowanek

    Mobile platform with minion cars

    That's mine movable platform with 4 small cars inside. Each car can be detach independently and has cannons, flamethrower and bomb (which can be detonate with a right control). It's quite heavy, at 50% time works fine for me. Controls: For main platform: LEFT + RIGHT - go forward LEFT -...