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  1. blitsplatapus (Tankerman)

    Besiege HUGO-170MBTVar "The Pygmy Leopard"

    In my Previous build, I made a tank hull with a mounted Crane which uses only for recovering immobilized Vehicles and carrying heavy equipment, but today the hull itself is now a classified Main Battle Tank, The Tank wasn't that OP because it does only have an x10 cannon and Dual-Crossbow...
  2. blitsplatapus (Tankerman)

    Where's the Moon Level?

    OOOOooo well that makes sense
  3. blitsplatapus (Tankerman)

    Besiege HUGO-170RVVar

    I've been making a lot of Military Vehicles for Combat for the rest of my life and I don't know what kind of military vehicle should I make like totally I've made a lot of tanks with different techs, but this time I decided to make some tanks with a different role that not just for military...
  4. blitsplatapus (Tankerman)

    Besiege Multiverse Urmad Village [Sandbox Map]

    When I make the MURW-Mk1, I made a Map like this, but less detailed So When I try to make a redesign version of the Mk1 turn it into Mk2 Galahad, I made a similar map like this, but this time it has more stuff and an objective, your objective here was kill all of the Tolbrynd Soldiers at the...
  5. blitsplatapus (Tankerman)

    Besiege MURW-Mk2 Galahad

    Well I know its the same model at the previous build, But Much better and a little bit stable than the previous model and it has a plenty of weapons, it was equipped with two Crossbow Machine guns. two Shotguns, a flamethrower, an x7.00 cannon, and a beautiful Vacuum Missile for an instant kill...
  6. blitsplatapus (Tankerman)

    Besiege MURW-Mk1

    The MURW or "Multi-Role Walker" was the only bipedal Mech I've made with a Single-key to go forward because making a single-key walking mechanism was really hard and complex, So what does this Mech have? it has Two Vacuum Missiles for killing Fully Armoured tanks, and a Dual-Crossbow Machine...
  7. blitsplatapus (Tankerman)

    Where's the Moon Level?

    Previous Version: in the new updates:
  8. blitsplatapus (Tankerman)

    Besiege Lotus-1 Artillery Satellite

    This is not the first time I've made a spacecraft, Before I start making videos on youtube about besiege, I tried to make a spacecraft with 5 stages that launch a satellite in the besiege space, but this craft needs a 0 Gravity mode to work So it could keep itself in the sky, So I try to make...
  9. blitsplatapus (Tankerman)

    Besiege BMH-Titan Mk1

    I miss building Mech like this, So I decided to build one Mechsuit with some of the techniques that I've known, The Mech has two BES Stabilizer and two Overflow Vacuum Glitch System to make the machine work as fine, the Mech has only equipped with one x6.00 cannon, I'm trying to gave it a larger...
  10. blitsplatapus (Tankerman)

    Besiege AIO-130 ADVar1

    It is just an experimental for my new tank with the overflow vacuum glitch system which you notice it from the Zephyr II and Variant 1, the power of the gun was only x90.00 but still the one terrifying can for a tank, I've planned to some two Vacuum Missile on it, But it makes the turret heavy...
  11. blitsplatapus (Tankerman)

    Besiege Bob Semple Tank

    Bob Semple Tank was a New Zealand Tank design which gonna be used to defend themselves from a possible Japanese Invasion during WW2, This Tank was only armed with 6 Machine guns with a Tractor base Tracks Which it didn't go very well on the testing fields and the New Zealand Army Said that It...
  12. blitsplatapus (Tankerman)

    Besiege Jagdpanzer E-100

    There's a lot of E100 variants which I don't know which should I make and I just choose the Jagdpanzer variant instead, because for me it was much easier than the rest of the Variants, I kinda mess it up its appearance which it turns into something else, but at least it had the most powerful gun...
  13. blitsplatapus (Tankerman)

    Besiege DARVO-90 Zephyr II

    I've been always building some of the Blits Tech trees, but someone on steam requested me to build a newly advance tank on the Darvo Tech tree with a newly discovered Vacuum glitch that could make a powerful gun recoiless, for what I know this glitch was discovered by Neon and "Drako" used this...
  14. blitsplatapus (Tankerman)

    Besiege AD-40 Rapier

    I've been playing some of the plane-base Maps and like literally I had really bad planes, so I decided to make a plane that suits those Map, the Plane has a little bit of Inspiration design on the F-15 Jet Fighter and equipped with 8 bombs for destroying ground targets and dual-crossbow machine...
  15. blitsplatapus (Tankerman)

    Besiege Multiverse Valkyerheim Airbase [Sandbox Map]

    This map was kinda one of the most detailed so far and also the Laggiest one, It has the over 21760 Blocks on the map which it has Medium size hangars, Large size Hangars, Warehouses, plenty of military crates and trailers, Cranes, Trucks, Forklifts, plenty of detailed military equipment, and...
  16. blitsplatapus (Tankerman)

    Besiege Behemoth 1

    When I build the Tsar tank, I've planned to make some fictional landship with some a little bit inspiration to Char 2C and British Mark VII but more advance than the two old tanks, the tank has equipped with six guns, two at the top and four at both-sides of the tank, the main gun on the front...
  17. blitsplatapus (Tankerman)

    Besiege Blade Mamba

    I've been planning to make a robot like this and turns out to be very impressive in my opinion although it doesn't have any heavy weaponry for killing armored vehicles and it was a melee focus Robot only like the BM-Type-12 Ninja, But what makes this robot Special for me was its majestic...
  18. blitsplatapus (Tankerman)

    Besiege Tsar Tank

    This is one of my very first World War 1 tank that I've ever made in besiege and also the 2nd Biggest builds so far Which I've been taking for about 4 hours of making this legendary russian tank Non-stop and the tank itself has equipped with two x4.00 cannons and Seven Crossbow machine guns...
  19. blitsplatapus (Tankerman)

    Besiege Blits/Carapace Mk1

    I could say this tank is one of Ipsilon's derp tank that I have in the game, I use the Blits-TypeBADVar hull as the base for the MBT and it has two cannons on one turret, but those guns had a power of x12.00 only because they're attached to one ballast block, but if the Expoding Cannonball Mode...
  20. blitsplatapus (Tankerman)

    What is the Lore of Besiege?

    oh okay, then what is the lore of Ipsilon?