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  1. robotranic rex

    a bipedal....ish walker

    the simplest type of bipedal walker that if i wanted to i could make more then a dozen of in 20 minutes h to go throw-rd left and right to turn z/x use the blades Attached Files bipedal bouncer.bsg
  2. robotranic rex

    the egar (a different kind of walker)

    so i was trying to make a maggot walker then i found out a method of walking basically the legs are two pestons facing down and x amount of pestions facing oppisote of where you want to go and there you go you have now a pretty clumsy yet fast-ish walker i present to you the egar a dragon...
  3. robotranic rex

    [request] bomb hammack

    as you read from the title what purpose dose a bomb hammack have in this game well let me tell you a bomb hamack wold allow further bomb travel while not having it explode inside plus it can hold 2 bombs at once or even more grenades and other stuff like a little car or rubble also if...