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  1. Stebobson

    Almost Indestructible Vehicles

    It's possible to make almost indestructible vehicles, primarily using grabbers. Such machines do not need to avoid fire, and barely need to avoid explosions, as grabbers have an unbreakable grip, and are extremely difficult to detach from what they're placed upon. Basics [/spoiler] Wheels...
  2. Stebobson

    [TO BE DELETED - go to the `guides` section to find it] Almost Indestructible Vehicles

    I was unsure as to how to delete this version, so I've left this here to be deleted by someone who can. Go to this link to find the post.
  3. Stebobson

    The Indestructible (Grabber-based Tank)

    This is an (almost) indestructible tank. What it lacks in speed, it makes up in durability and firepower. Weapons: Mechanisms: Controls: Issues: Images: Attached Files The Indestructible.bsg