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  1. BitteWenden

    To guide and where to guide, that is here the question!

    It took me 15 minutes of desperate thinking to get this title. Anyway. After MaxTCC released his guide, I (full of motivation and happiness) decided to make one myself. After thinking another 15 minutes about a topic to write about (since max covered the basics pretty well) I decided to ask you...
  2. BitteWenden

    [Spaar`s Modloader]: EventMod

    Download link:!E1dRzTJI!HXo5bi2JDf8dYU9v9shtfVBGPK537H-BDhAqt0MrsPg How does this mod work? What is this? What am I doing here? Why do I spend my time reading this while I could save the world? Why is your heading orange? I don' know the answer to question 3, 4 and 5 but I can...
  3. BitteWenden

    ModGUIStyleChanger [Spaar`s Modloader] [Not bugfree]

    Hello! Always wanted to change the boring unity standard GUI with fancy neon colors or the colors of your nations flag? Well, now you can! With the ModGUIStyleChanger Mod you get a new design made by me and the option to make your own design. Currently only by editing a textfile but I'm working...
  4. BitteWenden

    AutoTargetMod[Spaar`s Modloader]

    Auto Target Mod You don't want to get your hands dirty with the knights or you want to destroy the obelisk? Use the AutoTargetMod! Press "T" while hovering over an object in the world to set it as a target. The target gets a red color. Every canonball you shoot will aim for that target...
  5. BitteWenden

    Unity 5 update

    Is there some information about the version of Unity you will probably update the game to? Because Unity 5.1 has things like the new UNet network solution which would make multiplayer mod development a lot easier. And at what version of Besiege are you aiming to perform the update?
  6. BitteWenden

    Profile pictures with white background

    All profile pictures with a transparent background have a white background in the forum overview. Noting really bad but it doesn't look so good.
  7. BitteWenden

    StartBlockMover [Spaar`s Modloader]

    Some people requested it so I made it. With this mod you can move the starting block without moving the whole machine. You can change the amount of blocks you want to move the starting block by in the textfield above the control field in the upper right corner of the screen. Attached Files...
  8. BitteWenden

    Spam protection

    Please activate some kind of spam protection in this forum. (Like captchas or a question about Besiege). There are more automated spam posts here every day.
  9. BitteWenden

    Your Mod Wishlist

    Do you want any features for Besiege? Any new things? Exploding cats? Nuclear bombs? Write it down here! I'll note everything in this thread so I and other mod creaters can pick some of your ideas and make them real. The wishes shouldn't be too extreme though. All the mod ideas can be found...
  10. BitteWenden

    Allow html for the blogs

    Hello! It would be awesome to have html enabled for the blogs. I don't know if this would cause a security issue or something. But if it's possible I would like to have it as an option.
  11. BitteWenden

    Get key for action

    Hello again! Is it possible to get the saved Keys for a game object of which the keys can be modifed? Example: I have a motor wheel and I want to know which key needs to be pressed for the wheel to drive forward and which key need to be pressed to drive backwards.
  12. BitteWenden

    Empty Map [Besiege v0.09+/-][spaar`s mod loader v0.1.3+]

    Hey there! This mod might be useful for some people. If you install the spaar's Mod Loader and copy the Empty_Map.dll in your Mods file, a new (huge) button should appear in your main menu. If you click it, it loads the first level for you. Important: If the level is loaded press "R" on your...
  13. BitteWenden

    Use custom GUISkin

    Hello! I am new to modding in Besiege and Unity in general. What I want to do is load a custom GUISkin from the rescource file and apply it to a new button/GUI in the main menu of besiege. I'm using the spaar Modloader. I tried it like that in the OnGUI function: if (Application.loadedLevel...