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  1. Tommaso Matteini

    warped brace

    Hi everyone! I recently downloaded ITR's bracecube mod, i desperately need help with warped brace, can someone explain me how to make them? Thaks to everyone!:) PS: nevermind, i was in experimental and the rotation sliders didn't appear
  2. Tommaso Matteini

    Game almost unplayable after the last update

    as the title says, the game became almost unplayable, the building is impossible, some blocks suddenly baecame undeleatable, even if you load a different machine they're gonna stay there, and when this happens, if i start the simulation the machine is like it was pinned in the air and wont...
  3. Tommaso Matteini

    Layer System

    i use 3d and 2d modeling softwares in university and at work, and i would die for a layer system such in Autocad, Rhino or even Photoshop, it would be extremely quick to select different part of your machine, plus you could just make invisible the layers you don't need while you're building (i...
  4. Tommaso Matteini

    NEED HELP: Weightless Missile

    Hi everyone, as the title says i desperatly need help with those missiles, can a faithful soul upload a tutorial?:) Thanks a lot to everyone!
  5. Tommaso Matteini

    Bracer Help

    i need someone to explain me, i'm going crazy: if i save a machine with properly scaled bracers, why when i load it the bracers ends up being distorted? i attached pics for a better understanding
  6. Tommaso Matteini

    Propeller Angle

    Hi everyone, it's my first post here, i'd like to know how to reduce to 0 the angle of attack of the propellers in besiege, is there a precise number to input or are there other ways? i saw several creations with that feature and i'd lie to use it for aircraft tail and control surface, thanks a lot!