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    Water cannon at low timescale not turning into steam

    Hello, When I've built a machine that uses steam cannons and started the game in slow-mo, I've found strange behavior. At regular timescale, a heated water cannon turns into steam cannon after ~0.5 sec of heating. So at timescale 20% it SHOULD be activated after ~2.5 sec, right? But if...
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    Spike ball bug

    I've discovered a small bug while using spike balls. If you make a "machine" like this, it will be crazily vibrating forever after it touches the ground.
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    Bug on Duke's knowledge

    Hello. It is possible to pass the level just moving the start block around. It hits the box and the book inside, so you can move the book to the needed position and then return start block back to the bounding box to pass the level.
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    Water cannon impulse

    Hello. v. 0.11 If you build machines like on the screenshots, they will move forward (for the first one you should disable gravity to fly). This means impulse of water is much bigger then return of cannon. It can't be true in real physics world. Attached Files