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  1. ITR

    ACM - Advanced Controls Mod [Besiege v0.45]

    No, it uses libraries that aren't supported with the current modloader IIRC
  2. ITR

    Lost Progress

    The game doesn't save your progress on the cloud, but you can manually edit the "CompletedLevels.txt" in the Besiege_Data folder (it's the folder 1 above SavedMachines). This has to be done while the game is closed.
  3. ITR

    Ultra HD Texture Pack

    Not without (c#) mods, and I don't think anybody has made a mod for that yet. I'm not sure if it could be integrated with the skinpack system though.
  4. ITR

    Coping parameter can result in slider value exceed

    I believe this is known and won't be fixed
  5. ITR

    Constant Minimizing

    If it's a video, a video uploading service (like YouTube) would probably be better :-P Though I doubt it will be very useful, have you tried switching game-branch? Other than that, only suggestions I have is trying to roll back your drivers or wait for the next driver update, it sounds like an...
  6. ITR

    Constant Minimizing

    It could be dependent on the unity version used. If you open an empty level in the level-editor, does it still happen?
  7. ITR

    Constant Minimizing

    From what I can tell, they are all unity games, I know Space Engineers is, and from googling it seems the rest might be too. Does it happen in all campaign levels? And you don't have to start the level for it to happen, right?
  8. ITR

    Ultra HD Texture Pack

  9. ITR

    Constant Minimizing

    Were all the other games unity games? If so then there might not be anything the devs can do (Though even if it isn't, it sounds like an engine issue) Do you run the game in full-screen or windowed mode, and have you tried the other? How many monitors do you have connected/Have you tried with...
  10. ITR

    List of Known Issues Bug Report Template

    The collider mod should display the correct colliders. If you have a specific scenario where it doesn't, then please comment that on the steam workshop page of the mod
  11. ITR

    No official discord ban appeal, so i guess I'll do it here.

    Oh, you were unbanned already, forgot to tell you, wops.
  12. ITR

    No official discord ban appeal, so i guess I'll do it here.

    What was your user-name?
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    List of Known Issues Bug Report Template

    Resizing isn't officially supported, IIRC. You can see the colliders of objects if you use the Collider Displayer Mod, that might clear up some confusion about why it happens
  14. ITR

    I'm hesitant to post this on a public forum, but I don't know where to contact spiderling directly

    There's an e-mail somewhere too :-P I highly doubt that xss injection is possible in the game-client, seeing how it doesn't run anything in the browser. If you mean inside the steam workshop, then that's on steam (though I doubt it, since they've operated for many years now). If you mean on...
  15. ITR

    machines don't load up not even core block

    What mod did you install last?
  16. ITR

    NoBounds Mod [Besiege 0.32+]

    This is the old version of the mod, for the newest version on steam
  17. ITR

    ACM - Advanced Controls Mod [Besiege v0.45]

    If you want gamepad control you could try something like joy2key/vjoy to control the game, maybe? I've done it for other games in the past, but never tried it on besiege
  18. ITR

    Return to 0 option + a Screw Slider + Level ideas

    There are some building techniques you can use to get return to center steering, if you google "Besiege RTC" you'll find some not sure about the other stuff, I guess maybe the levels could be made in multiverse
  19. ITR

    Tower Defense single player levels.

    Somebody did a wave-based defense mod once, IIRC, maybe you'd like trying that? Not sure if it's updated to multiverse tho
  20. ITR

    Level Editor loads the level xml wrongly.

    checked the decompiled code, seems like it currently just parses the elements LTR, so the leftmost one is x, the second is y, the third z, the fourth w Is there any specific reason you need them to be proper tag-based?