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    ACM - Advanced Controls Mod [Besiege v0.45]

    Hi Lench, I'm having issues since update v0.32 Now even tho i have install sdl2 in my systems frameworks, When i want to create a new controller axis, it's still telling me i need SDL2 Library. I'm using the OSX version. Also the mod seems to crash the game when it's first opened, once i click...
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    spaar's Mod Loader (1.7.1) [Besiege v0.45a]

    Same here! Download link isn't working..
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    ACM - Advanced Controls Mod [Besiege v0.45]

    Could you maybe add an example on how to add a custom axis? I have no Idea How to write code.. And I'm not to sure how to use your example above. I'd really like to use both joysticks on my controller. (Joystick Axis 3 & 4) Great Mod Though! The UI is really clean and Simple! Thanks!