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    Robocraft Hotrod

    Aaah robocraft, that game I used to like before it nose dived a few updates after the new meta update. That and all my fun was ruined when I couldn't mount a T8 plasma cannon to a T5/6 buggy and shot gun the really annoying sniper walkers... or even build a good, sturdy tank and carry a team...
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    V 0.3 HYPE!

    I swear these guys know when I have exams, and ALWAYS RELEASE (/announce to release) THE WEEK BEFORE EXAM WEEK! Ugh want to play with new toys but need to study for physics.... WHY DO YOU MAKE ME LOATH YR12 EVEN MORE THAN I ALREADY DO! Not complaining about the updates but I swear this is the...
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    Automatron (1.1.7) [Besiege v0.45] [spaar's Mod Loader] [ID 410]

    Sorry it took me forever to reply, life got in the way. How do I close besiege? By just going menu, exit to desktop. Then open up task manager to forcibly close it down, even though there is no indication of it running outside of task manager and the steam library. This can sometimes be several...
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    Automatron (1.1.7) [Besiege v0.45] [spaar's Mod Loader] [ID 410]

    This mod is great and all, but since I added it to my short list of mods, if I close besiege, even though its closed, steam says it's "running" so cant open it. The only way I can get back in is by using task manager to shut down steam and re open it otherwise besiege just keeps "running" even...
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    Rocket Accuracy Testing Initiative-RAT (Genuine experiment)

    Redstoneman I tested it, the experiment was a bit confusing and tbh, after doing several High School EEI's for chemistry and physics, I cannot be assed to do a propper write up like with the original testing. Anyway, I tested it (imo) thoroughly, and from what I found (using a rocket with a...
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    Rocket Accuracy Testing Initiative-RAT (Genuine experiment)

    Idk, it might, ill build a second version of the experiment but with several versions of your design, then post the results here for you.
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    Rocket Accuracy Testing Initiative-RAT (Genuine experiment)

    Shade It might be, idk, all I did was put 2 wooden blocks up in the air, each one had 2 wings attached to it, one set were scaled (only the wings, not the block) and dropped, both dropped identically. So what I can assume from this is that everything has a pre set "size (as in area, mass...
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    Rocket Accuracy Testing Initiative-RAT (Genuine experiment)

    Lol yeah, if you want REALLY accurate, try setting it to 100, physical barriers be dammed! But this was so that you could still have semi-controllable rockets without having to set the thrust higher. That and I thought my little discovery was worth mentioning :P
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    Rocket Accuracy Testing Initiative-RAT (Genuine experiment)

    After experimenting with the scaling tool on ITR's PBP 2 (Download here: and messing around with different sized wings, I found that besiege does not take into account the physical size of blocks to calculate the physics (possibly meaning...
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    Light Scout tank/APC with torsion bar suspension.

    Title says it all. A cool little tank thing built on my torsion bar suspension base (base can be built 100% without mods). Suspension is my own design and feel free to use it in your own creations, generally fairly heavy duty with more sliders=weaker suspension. Turret based on the looks of...
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    Rocket Car

    The original is flashier and looks more medieval (if you could even call this game that, is there such thing as medieval steam punk?*yes I know steam punk is Victorian*), but I still think Brooka 's design is more... warlike/tactical. Just a big, metal beast that turns up, massacres your troops...
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    About .bsg editing these days...

    karost considering how much I use and love the scaling tool in the mod, I should be able to recognize when people are referring to it even they don't know what it is :P. Any way, just helping others build epic detailed machines.
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    Forum bug

    It works fine for me on computer (chrome) but that happens on chrome and safari for the latest ios on mobile. Also ONLY occours on forum posts themseleves. Perfectly fine for message center and the menus that rout you to the individual posts themselves. Will post link to pics when imgur not at...
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    ITR`s PBP2 download problem

    On anther note: forums (on mobile at least) is broken for me, it works but it seems a little glitched, ill post these in the proper place as well. I will also post pics when imgur is no longer full...
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    ITR`s PBP2 download problem

    Lol yeah that problem is my fault. ITR you hit it right on the head.I placed the two balast and *part who's name I cannot remember ('Part' )* then I used TGYD's building tools (from now on referred to as 'BT') to slect the two Part and turned on scaling with the length being set to (i believe)...