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    Musket soldiers and cannons for Level Editor

    the symbol of weapons category in level editor is a cannon but we only have access to flame ball, bomb and explosive crate.
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    Increase the boundaries of barren expanse in the multiverse

    True, I hope besiege has an update with the option to remove the barrier as you said.
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    Increase the boundaries of barren expanse in the multiverse

    The barren expanse is very small in the multiverse, a map that is approximately 3.7km is with only 2km in the multiverse, it would be good a map with larger borders or without borders
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    Can i change my name?

    I chose the name "WillPlayerBrasil" a while ago, but my nick has changed in everything, how can I update my name here too?
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    FNB Diversão maníaca II

    A battle ship armed with 2 turrets with a cannon each, a vehicle to mark my FNB (Força Naval do Besieiro em Português / Besieiro's naval force in english) and my return to the constructions in the besiege :D Note: It can slide only on surfaces with minimum friction
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    Vanilla Modloader

    Oh, they already was developing the vanilla mod loader, now i don't need to run besiege v0.45 to play with mods, that's perfect
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    Vanilla Modloader

    I've been thinking and I've come to the conclusion that the mods system in Besiege, especially in modloader, is sensitive to change in major updates like for example v0.45 to v0.60, with the destabilization of the spaar mod loader and waiting to have a new one or at least to replace it, then my...
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    Possibility to use cannons of the level 9 on multiverse maps

    Having the possibility of placing the cannons of level 9 (Ipsilon) and being able to modify the power of this weapon would make the maps of the multiverse much more challenging. (Please place the cannons, it will be much more fun).
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    Auto-save and one folder for this.

    i will download it, thx
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    Auto-save and one folder for this.

    I was creating a jet and my besiege stopped working, if the auto-save existed, i would not have lost my machine ;-;. that's what i want to exist auto-save.
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    how i put the besiege in other versions???

    spaar mod loader isn't working anymore, and i need to put the besiege in v0.45a to the mod loader work again, but how?
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    Your Mod Wishlist

    speedometer and guied missiles
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    Besiege DG-001 Tank Destroyer

    Cannon power: 20.50 no comments, this power destroy 5 Pzkpfw Maus in one shoot , best tank ever! Hey what mod you use to play in other maps??