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    Automation blocks can't control drills.

    However Automation Blocks were no longer being supported :(
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    I just found it impossible to write a FocusFix mod. It has to be done vanillaly.

    Yea, maybe try utilzie WASDposition, that's how I got my mod being able to focus relatively. (sort of)
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    Maybe make variables usable for level editor's many things

    Like, make variables usable for transform and repeat times ;) just an idea, checking if the box is contain string or not
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    Host can drag and ignite clients under building mode

    Oh, I should reword this: The host, under building mode, can use the drag to drag clients that are under global simulation.
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    Host can drag and ignite clients under building mode

    What? I thought this cannot be easier to reproduce :/ I will try myself later
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    Sky Mod 1.01 [Spaar`s Modloader][V0.45]

    there is a command in sky mod for that ,I believe it's ResetDrawingRange but I am not sure. Check the instruction.
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    Sky Mod 1.01 [Spaar`s Modloader][V0.45]

    Well, the sky sphere is directly related to the renderering range, so I cannot see the reason you want to increase the size of it.
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    Pilot Panel Block Mod (with HUD)[Spaar`s ModLoader][ID: 505][V0.42B]

    Not sure what happened if you don't give me sufficent console info
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    Exploding Cannonball And Arrow Aftereffect Mod[V0.45a][V0.4.0]

    Em, good suggestions but I have already got a Gun mod working on so.......
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    [WIP] More Bombs For Besiege (Mod)

    Well, the problem is localization will be out next version so.......... relax