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  • Hi Von, I want to ask you something. I have owned besiege v 0.45 but i haven't got the multiverse update yet. Can you help me?
    Hi Von. What website is used for downloading machines for non-steam version of besiege?

    edit: nvm i saw the FaQ
    Hey Von, I'm compiling a site that has all of the mods from the forums page with the mod list into a neat bundle. I can send you the link to it, and then I can give your google account access to change and add to it whenever you need to. I think the site will be easier for new users to understand, than just the long forum list with all the non-working mods, or mods with deleted pages. Tell me what you think.
    I don't know who to tell this to but the game War and Order put an ad on youtube using footage from besiege and passing it as their own the have 150 videos on youtube so im unsure which has the footage but they have done this in the past with the game TABS
    Hi Von. I created the Invisible Skin Package back when skins were first a thing, and have been trying to get the braces to become invisible (as it is a highly asked question). If I use a transparent image as the texture the Brace becomes Black. Is there a workaround for this? Maybe a transparent shader I should be trying to use?
    I still think it'd be nice to have a "hide visuals" option for braces, like with the pin block.
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