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    6DOF Demonstrator

    This is complicated to code a tool because if the regular expressions are not accurate enough they will spot numbers that actually are not imprecisions and they might 'correct' them while they shouldn't, and if they are too much accurate they will miss some numbers that need correction. And...
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    6DOF Demonstrator

    Hey man, If you need high accuracy about positioning and values you're using and in addition to eradicate imprecisions, this guide might by helpful !! Good luck, this is cool project
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    Coaxial, contra-rotation

    I did that man! but well, it does look cool but it's only text chats if I understand well. How can we organize talks ? how can we capitalize on ideas ? everything looks so volatile. I think I just need to look at it more than 5 mins to understand the thing. Also atm we are like 20 guys...
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    Coaxial, contra-rotation

    :D Omg I see that now. Sorry I didn't pay attention to the date, this was the 1st post in the list, thought it was fresh. This forum seems to die actually...
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    Coaxial, contra-rotation

    This is not exact (at least not all the time). Propellers have a pitch, and the maximum linear speed that they can deliver depends on this pitch and the rotational speed (it's like a screw but in the air). More propellers will give you more thrust so you can lift more weight, but the more you...
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    Various bug reports

    Hey man, I have some of those issues as well but I have different approach : for some time I've come to think that symmetry issues and few related inconsistencies are maybe intended. Like in reality perfect symmetry doesn't exist so in simulation you have to take this into account. That would...
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    Helicopters & realistic swashplates

    Hello AxeSlash! Haha no I didn't even wonder about bounciness, imo it's working better with piston than with anything else anyway. About phase lag, hmm, maybe, actually I've been trying to set experiment with a wirligig to see how gyroscopic effect is happening in besiege but it's hard to do...
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    Helicopters & realistic swashplates

    Hello guys, I'm quite new to the forum but there is a start for everything, I've been playing this game for maybe a year and i'm building mostly helicopters and recently I started using mods because precision placement & scaling make crazy things possible! Here is my last baby :) (you can...
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    ACM - Advanced Controls Mod [Besiege v0.45]

    This mod is amazing, thank you man for all the hours you put in it!
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    Multiple minor suggestions & nitpicks

    1 : Ok 2 : I think it's intended (sadly). I also would like the game to remind that I did close it. 3 : I don't think they will do that cause besiege is a game and will have to keep some fences, even if hardcore builders are using mods to make crazy machines. 4 : I strongly agree with that...
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    Suspension system - Help with steering

    Why don't you keep on getting inspired by the picture ? maybe try a hinge between the balast and the remaining structure. Then some piston can be connected on the balast with 2 ball joint in the shape of a bar.
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    Please Fix weights and buoyancy

    Hello, I did a quick test (swivel with a brace on each side, made in lot of different configurations) but I can't see that effect. Are you sure about that ? That would explain some issues I have with unbalanced symmetrically built machines.