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    "The Social One" Glitch

    same problem here...
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    More multiplayer & level editor features , visual effects

    Heres my list of ideas (I was just building a map and they just appeared) Custom map background music Map voting in multiplayer - the host can choose 3 maps, and the players can vote for 1 of the 3 maps, something like in Team Fortress 2 (this could be good for when you leave your pc running...
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    MFJ-1 ''Mountain Mist''
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    LFB-1 ''Evening Sky''

    New jet fighter by the C.C.C. quick and armed with strong weapons, Lock ons, a Cannon and missiles!
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    Refreshing the page for new content and messages...

    Refreshing the page for new content and messages...
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    complex vanilla planes

    0.15 , but you need to spread them out by 0.20 or something... Its very weird tho, it works, it doesn't, it works, it doesn't.....
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    complex vanilla planes

    Alright, so it looks like I sort of managed to do it I downloaded the collider mod and looked at the besiege file / machine And by using 0.025 I was able to put them so close together
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    complex vanilla planes

    Spread them... without mods it isn't really possible to get them that close, This is the closest I got them
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    Anti Air missile launcher

    Just a simple missile launcher turret for taking down planes, sometimes can even be used to destroy ground vehicles... Uses 2x 750x Vacume, that isn't too op to ruin fun, the missile can be out turned and flared.
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    Weather and night mode

    It would be cool to be able to change the levels settings a bit more Like make it night time, evening, morning, make it rain, snow, fog etc. This feature doesn't have to be complex, it could just be a few buttons and not something complicated like with numbers and etc.
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    Where's the Moon Level?

    Legends say, only the makers of besiege can use that level, it connects them to a secret forum where they plan out their ideas..... But yeah, they probably thought it would be weird. Well its not the best idea, but maybe they could have added some alien stuff which you have to fight using...
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    Please, please! FIX THIS BS

    I've noticed that this also happens when loading workshop machines...
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    Please, please! FIX THIS BS

    This may not be a bug, but I'm reporting it here because it probably wont even be noticed in the ''suggestions'' and this needs to be fixed and appear in the next update This problem is so annoying and stupid, this way I have lost my machines ALLOT of times, and hoped that my friends had copied...
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    Easy Scale Mod [Besiege v0.45 - v0.60+]

    The mod doesn't work in multiplayer, how could I make it work?, or how could i bypass this?