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    'Cloud Saving' ignores preexisting machines

    I have Besiege installed on three PCs and until now I had implemented 'Cloud Saving' by replacing the 'SavedMachines' folder by a symbolic link to a DropBox folder of the same name. When the cloud saving update came out I restored the physical folders (for lack of a better term) with identical...
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    Contractable Springs visual bug

    The visual representation of Contractable Springs attached to a machine are moving relative to the machine as the machine travels through the game world. The physics aspects of the spring seem unaffected. For reproduction, please load the attached bsg into the sandbox world and steer it from the...
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    Machine Load Steering Hinge Glitch (really minor nuisance)

    I noticed that some, not all, of the steering hinges on one of my machines were flipped after the transition to the multiverse. This kind of thing has happened before occasionally when loading preexisting machines after a version update in the past. After fixing the hinges by pressing F on them...