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    What Are Your Favorite Besiege Campaign Levels?

    Wow, I would have thought zone 20 would be a fan favourite at this point. The only thing that new levels need is proper ground terrain (hills covering entire map, uneven/bumpy terrain) with an HD texture to replace the iconic but mortifyingly plain white floor (est. Zone 1) >.> Additional Note...
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    Update 18 V0.42 Has Been Released!

    Hinge texture update has probably ruined a lot of old machine builds that use Hinges as plating... Also, tested putting negative values into vacuum blocks. Fun results when it comes to objects, but it doesn't react to terrain. All in all, good update. The log is here xD
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    New Canon type

    Whew, returned to the forums after a long time. Getting into building in Besiege again. I've been thinking the same about a reliable auto-feeding firing mechanism, and found a reasonably good technique to do so, no need to bug the devs for a new block xD Utilizing firework rocket blocks as...
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    Information About Version 0.3 and Beyond...

    Our slack team reacts: xD Attached Files
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    TGYD`s Building Tools [spaar`s Mod Loader] [for v0.45]

    IT'S OVER 9000! Pure excellency TGYD.
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    Besiege essentials: Downwash air physics

    Also, I really want this hovering thing off the ground and implemented in besiege, because i have plans for a hovercraft racing league :)
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    Besiege essentials: Downwash air physics

    The physics would be able to allow hovering because it is creating a stable flow of air that creates a cushion between the craft and the ground. same as ACV's, it creates a cushion. No gas physics are needed.
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    Besiege essentials: Downwash air physics

    This is by far one of the most essential physics propeties required in Besiege in the next major update. Also I'd like to note that the developers don't pay much attention to the community's suggestions. They just add things to the game without opinion of the people who play it. I just want to...
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    New block category

    titanium blocks could have more connection rigidity. or maybe in future updates, ballasts can be cracked like wood as well.
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    U-5 Intelligence

    Um, you don't need to do anything to use steam workshop. :/ Just supposrt the guy by subscribing him!
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    U-5 Intelligence

    So you just lassoed the blocks, and changed their hue. 'art of .jpg editing' :P
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    U-5 Intelligence

    How did you highlight the blocks with colors?
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    1001 Best things to do around Besiege, Now with less Troll

    287. Realize that this thread is still a thing
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    U-5 Intelligence

    lol, GTA font.
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    Core Tank Chassis v.2

    ...unfortunately. xD