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    Horrendous frame rate drop

    Hmmm Thats interesting behaviour Mate... Post in this forum if you come across anything more :)
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    Block Placement Glitch (Seriously OP)

    Indeed. this has been previously reported... although this seems to be another level of it. You are able to place blocks even if it has an intersection with other blocks. And whats happening here, is that same thing, but it's allowing you to place blocks outside of the border. (the reason for...
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    Wheels cause lag on big constructions

    Thank you Jabuno That could be some help for the devs to try narrow this down :)
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    Horrendous frame rate drop

    Unity 5 integration, as spaar said, should be coming in the next update (hopefully, if things go to plan for the devs). As for an eta... I wouldn't know, so one of the team members would need to give you that, though I'm not sure how much they could give you and eta :/
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    Automatic logout

    Well, there you go. So it does seem vBulletin does have an auto logout feature. Just be aware to tick the 'stay logged in' button
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    [OSX] Dragging camera doesn`t work

    Thank you for posting this to the forums :) I've not had this issue myself... however, I'll update my compilation bug thread. Thank you again :)
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    Automatic logout

    Hmmm Interesting... as I said before, it's not happened to me, and I'd idle for hours... so I don't know... I ask again if it's happened to others.
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    Challenge Megathread!

    Ahhh, Thank you for your suggestions! Very interesting Ideas... Some are bordering on level design ideas... which are still pretty good! I'll update the post accordingly :)
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    It`s impossible to zoom on some laptops

    Alright... Noted, thanks guys, will add to my compilation thread :) (sorry for the late reply :P )
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    Automatic logout

    Hmmm I don't seem to have that issue... There might be something in the settings.... Although looking at it now, I am not seeing anything. It's a very bizarre behaviour. Has anyone else come across this issue? Or know of a solution?
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    Triangulor the Equilateral

    Sorry for my late reply :/ Urm... I would say the mod list is more of player made mods (as in files you install onto the client). This seems to me more of a technique that could be used be players. I could be full wrong though xD
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    Moving Tree While Paused???

    Good to know, thank you! :)
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    Moving Tree While Paused???

    Alrighty then, Thanks Stell :)
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    Simulation works when not simulating

    Such odd behaviour, will add to my compilation thread :)
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    A Few Bugs I`ve Found...

    Alright, cheers for the confirmation all :) Will add to my compilation thread.