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    Pistons randomly not working

    This is a well known bug, detailed by at least 30 bug reports in the bugs list highlighted in red at the top of the bug report subforum.
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    Katamari Damacy [Spaar`s Modloader]

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    A few important ideas that I think have been overlooked

    1 has been suggested repeatedly, and there's a mod for it in the works 2 is very interesting. I like it. By 3, you essentially mean adding a toggle mode to wheels and such? I'm actually surprised I haven't seen that specific suggestion before, I've thought about suggesting it myself. The deal...
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    New User Rights

    Ooh, could something like stackexchange's "here are some topics that might be similar" dynamic suggestion box thingy be implemented, it's a longshot, I know, but if we could....
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    how to stick bombs, grenades, boulder and fire ball on place?

    Answer to your first question: use grabbers, which are under "Mechanical". Place a block, then place a bomb/fireball/etc onto the block, then replace the block with a grabber. Answer to your second question: the collider used for block placing is different from the physics collider.
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    `Ghosting` Using SSAO mode

    It looks like, basically, SSAO is a shader that helps approximate how light works without using too much resource power. "Ordinary" ambient occlusion uses the geometry of objects, and is more accurate, but not fast enough for video games, whereas screen space ambient occlusion uses pixels...
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    please make a censor exceptions for cockpit

    as hilarious as "****pit" is, I think it's time for it to be fixed, if you can
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    The Heist Challenge!

    FrizB already put in a great entry here
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    [Misc. Modding]Starting Block Investigating

    The problem is that most blocks designate their position as attachment points, but the source block uses it's center instead. Have you tried using wheel half-placement to move the block up so that when it becomes a source block it's in the proper place?
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    Oh, man, I had I pretty much the same problem way back when when i was trying to do the same thing...not sure if i ever solved it, but maybe you could check out volt cruelerz and my old designs?
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    My results from part mass tests: PSA

    The mas of a brace does NOT change based on its length. the center of the brace on the right is just farther over. Proof: Attached Files
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    Monster Buggy!

    Very nice! I initially debated even watching the video, as it was "just" a car with big wheels--but what an amazing car with big wheels! I'm especially impressed by the self-righting/wheelie capability.
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    Suspension (and others) parametrs ocasion reset to default

    This is kind of an odd bug; it's triggered by clicking on two things in succession with a wrench. When you already have a properties window open, and then click on another object with the wrench, what happens goes in this order load sliderValue of new block check that the slider is within it's...
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    new water/ocean level

    no it doesn't; it's just irritating. simply posting to an existing topic brings it back to attention w/o annoying people
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    Ipsilon 7 wont finish

    do you have invincible mode or pyro mode turned on, or the building box turned off?