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    Lets talk about LORE (Speculation)

    Hey I'm back after being inactive for quite some time, though only some of you might still recognise me. so yeah i got bored and got sucked back into besiege again Well let's cut to the chase shall we? Crystal Magic As you started to shift into a new island called tolbrynd the seemingly...
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    Give me your besiege related poll/survey idea

    I've been barely playing this game ever since the development going slow, and yet i still take responsibility to maintain the wiki. So the thing is i need your idea of a good polls to put up on the wiki mainpage I can't think of any good polling idea (take a look at the polls yourself to see...
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    Get your free Profile Banners Signatures (closed for now)

    It's quite pathetic that many still ask for their banners to be made. He's not gonna be back, at least until christmas
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    Anyone speak Korean?

    you can use google chrome if that's gonna helps
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    Forum Guide: What to do if you find a spam page

    Well that is just making it more complicated
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    Forum Guide: What to do if you find a spam page

    If you find a spam page offering a kitc-hen or abortion pills and any other thing DO NOT in any condition gives comment on the spam (Commenting means you're giving the spammer attention) Click on the "Flag" button located between the "Quote" and "Like" Type spam in the reporting description...
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    Shouldn`t we need some measurement units?

    Here is an old page for block weight within scale
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    Art Showcase

    I found your Tumblr!
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    This is me, Bragging about my success.

    So are you going to be the new sir​ FrizB ?
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    Question regarding steam features and other essentials

    So while this not a fully essential feature, I sorta need a confirmation on some of this unused steam features I'm sure may people from this forum, /r/besiege, Steam would be interested to know about some of this Any plan on creating steam trading card or creating a competition for it Will...
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    It could be used to tell some besiege related story and other funny besiege stuff like what i usually make
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    Unity 5 Updater Review Summary (v0.12)

    But Seriously tho You guys did a lot of hard works and i think You should have a well deserved praise for that So here's the good thing from the update aside from performance improvement Higher block limits Less wobbly piston Better Balloon buoyancy This advanced decoupler called "Peg"...
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    Unity 5 Updater Review Summary (v0.12)

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