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    Steam Power Canvas

    I think the op meant to use the canvas almost like a net that can be attached or wrapped around objects. For example, you could build the frame of a zeppelin, out of wooden poles and then wrap canvas over the frame to create an aesthetically pleasing aircraft. I think it's a cool idea! :D
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    Separation of sky and earth

    I gotta say, I think this would be fantastic. Although there is a level of charm with how Besiege has patches of vegetation on a backdrop of white, more ground texture would be great from both an aesthetic point of view and gameplay point of view. I fly aircrafts on the Solomon's Flock map for...
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    Bind more than 1 key to a function

    For example, the wheel. It'd be nice to be able to bind, let's say, both Z & X to make it spin forward.
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    Steam Power Canvas

    Definitely. Also the problem I see with it is that mechanical parts already function without any energy. Pistons for example extend with just the press of a button, no electricity, or steam power needed. I don't know what steam power would be used for but it's cool just thinking about it hehe
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    Steam Power Canvas

    +1 for steam power. Make my steampunk dreams come true :D
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    Steering Hinges and Decouplers Inconsistent

    Sure, I've got the build right here. Ideally, all 4 cylinders are suppose to spin, but most of the time, only some will work. Sometimes, none of them work. Attached Files Cannon Revolver.bsg
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    Is it against forum rules to..

    It was a pirate ship that stood on plows, and was propelled by propellors. It's a land vehicle, but does not really fit within the "cars, trucks, & tanks" sub forum. It also had a lot of cannons, and might've fit within "medieval machines". I'm kind of picky about categories and where certain...
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    Steering Hinges and Decouplers Inconsistent

    Decouplers don't work half the time for no reason. Also currently on a build that involves a lot of steering hinges. After clicking play, only 1-2 out of 5 will work. It's never the same steering hinges either. If I click stop and play again, ones that were working previously may not be working...
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    Fighter with Twin Missiles

    Just applied your missile concept to my Mini Jet, the way you handled balance, when 1 missile fires is fantastic!
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    Fighter with Twin Missiles

    I like it!
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    Is it against forum rules to..

    Post a creation in 2 sub forums, if you're not sure where it belongs? I just made a land ship, and I posted it in cars, trucks, & tanks but it's certainly not those 3. It might also fall into medieval machines. Why don't we just combine all the war machines sub forums? :I
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    BALL JOINT help

    I tried to attach a chain of ball joints to a wooden pole that was connected to a big wheel. Tried to turn the wheel to "reel in" the chain and wrap it around the pole, but the ball joints just clip through the pole unfortunately. Could've applied that concept to a lot of designs :I like a...
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    Your Top 5 favorite Games that are not Besiege

    Oooh this is a toughie, so I'll just list stuff I like, in no particular order. 1. Mass Effect (1, 2, & 3) <--- my favorite games of all time :D 2. Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim 3. Dragon Age (1, 2, & 3) 4. Fallout 3 & New Vegas 5. Pokemon (All Of Them) 6. Minecraft 7. GTA V 8. Total War...
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    My Semi-automatic pistol with 13 bullets ;) download

    Never saw anyone else use ballasts as ammunition, this is awesome!
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    Wheels reset rotation speed

    First use the key mapper on the wheel closest to the rear of the vehicle, it will indicate that the rotation speed is 2.00. From birds eye view of the vehicle. Use the key mapper on the middle flying spiral of the rear row (the one that's basically overshadowing the wheel mentioned before). Then...