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    please explain to me how it works

    notice how the starting block spins counterclockwise related to the rotor? as @ITR said, by adding brace, it gives it more mass which makes the starting block spins slower but as it spins slower, it also makes the rotor spins faster which generates the lift necessary for it to take-off.
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    Just published Hard Scale Mod, able to do linked object scaling!

    this looks promising, do you plan to do a better UI?
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    Multiverse Update and mod functionality workaround

    in Windows, junction link is not the same as shortcut file.
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    Ultra HD Texture Pack

    pretty dank, i hope more things can be HD'ed like level objects
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    [1-4P] Toytanic - Cruise Ship Race

    Race around the Toytanic stage from Re-Volt! Toytanic is a series of track found in Re-Volt, created by Acclaim Studios. The track's name obviously is a play on the name of the British ship Titanic. Toytanic 2 and 1 use the same cruise model and racing line. The only apparent difference is...
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    I need help please

    recent should be based on the time when u upload it not when you changed the visibility to public
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    I need help please

    is your steam account still limited?
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    [1-4P] Space Station Defense - Zero-G Survival Mission

    This is a space endless survival level based on the International Space Station from the movie Geostorm. A malfunctioning Dutch Boy has inadvertently caused a chain reaction forming a rapidly-expanding cloud of space debris, and forces ISS to call for reinforcement to protect the space...
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    Can we have layers on besiege? like what we do on photoshop?

    more like in blender instead of like layers in photoshop. but i agree
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    [1P] Bana City on Fire - Firefighting Mission

    This is a firefighting-based level modeled after Bana City from Ace Combat 5: Unsung War Campaign Mission 11B (Reprisal). The bustling energy that filled the city was interrupted by massive fire all over the city. You must extinguish the fire as quickly as possible. Water cannon will be a vital...
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    Weird physics problem

    mate you forgot to rotate the horizontal propeller blades with R button, they didn't face the same direction
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    Very annoying mousewheel bug

    sounds like a bug with windows. have you tried hold down DPI button for 3-5 seconds?
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    block collision ?

    the problem is not the 2.0, but the drills. the vibration was because starting cube mass too light to support that many drills (which is alot heavier)
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    Spinning block reversible?

    but you can reverse the piston too
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    [1-5] Attack on Pearl Harbor - Surprise Attack Mission

    Based on the event of 8th December 1941 attack, where Japanese task force attacked the American Pacific Fleet in port at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii with the intent to deal a devastating blow. The attack resulted in major Japanese tactical victory. On the next day, the United States declared war on...