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    Mod Requests

    however, i'm unable to script, can someone help me? i think it's a good idea, what do you think about it?
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    21 BOMB perfect fly DRONE designed for multiverse

    it's basically a drone with 21 shots or 20 shots and a kamikaze ending! except for the spy-cam's baloons the entire machine can fly over the freezing limit. campaign legal. Some statistics: SPEED 7/10 STABILITY 10/10 AMMO (bombs) 21 DIFFICULTY...
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    Mod Requests

    hi everybody! i think it could be a good idea to create a mod that allow you to turn on a switch in every bock that require an activation to make them activate in a settable order with the same key, for example to make 10 cannon fires one by one just by pressing "t" 10 times, and make it...