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    Steam Piston Logic - How?

    Here's the pistons at the top of the stroke.
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    Steam Piston Logic - How?

    Hey! I have a vehicle which uses steam cannons to drive pistons up, which eventually rotates a gear which turns a wheel. However, I'm having trouble getting logic to do the work of controlling the steam cannons. The nearest thing to working seemed to be a motion sensor telling the steam cannons...
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    New teaser...(Revenge for the Dauntless)

    Can't wait to see that complete! Will it fly? Or just mosey along the ground?
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    Purple boxes on conquered zone

    They're SUPPOSED to say 'ISLAND DESTROYED' - I believe the first picture is Wynnfrith's Keep and the second Aras's Refuge.
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    How to get the Scouts of Tolbrynd balloons for the Level Editor

    I'm designing a PVP competitive level whereby each team has air units the other side is trying to shoot down with ground-based AAA units... It'd be really nice if I had access to those balloons so I could make my plans come too life! Does anybody know if I can put the level into Notepad or...