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    Com of ballast block gets displayed incorrect

    The COM of the ballast block gets displayed at its connection point but it really is in its middle.
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    Machine Gun Help

    Thats usually how i make them.
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    Use Id 52 Propellers for the wings and attach them to ballasts with high mass for wing stability. And try using steering hinges for your landing gear. I tried attaching them to one of my planes and stability wasn't a problem, but i wonder how you'll actually get anything flying with these...
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    How to Reduce / Negate Torque

    If your plane is not going straight it has to be a problem with your vertical tail or winglets.
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    Mod Requests

    would it be possible to make something like that?
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    Mod Requests

    Is there a mod that shows you the stress that your machine is under? Like colouring parts that undergo high stress red and parts with low stress green or something like that...
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    How to Reduce / Negate Torque

    your on the right way, use a wheel spinning in the opposit direction and attach some braces to it to make it heavier. it should look somewhat like this...
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    precision building project 2
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    Mod request(maybe)

    I personally use this but i guess nearly every mod can do that
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    Searching for a mod PLZ

    No Bounds Mod but you'll need the mod loader first
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    Automatic Bombing

    So i build a simple mechanism that allows you to drop bombs from a plane by holding down one button. But since it's a prototype it has some minor bugs that i can't seem to fix... So im just gonna upload the mechanism and hope someone around here takes the time to fix the bugs and create a usable...
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    Bug with cannons mid air

    changing the position or power of the flamethrower solves the problem but also result in a lower rate of fire
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    Bug with cannons mid air

    yeah your right it only occurs when going upwards and only when the flamethrower hasn't been fired since the simulations started. But i can't get it to happend every time...
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    Bug with cannons mid air

    So i build, a jet that is carrying a gatling gun, that is supposed to fire one shoot at a time. it works fine as long as its on the ground and also works, if i shot the gun once before takeoff. But when i try to shoot the gun mid air, without shooting it prior on the ground, all gun barrels...