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    Mod Requests

    i need a modded block that makes a gun that acts like the star trek phaser turret from the new movies in and out of gravity but also weighs just as much as a cannon does ive tried tracking mod the exploding cannon ball mod has too much recoil i need no recoil and they must be red or green
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    RCrockin/Rockyfighter8's tank making stream

    I'm always asked how do I build such machines with such quality. The honest answer is Ii have no clue its just natural to me. It has also been asked several times on how I get my suspension to such quality.... So after here about official senior skip day at my school I decided it would be the...
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    PZkpfw V panther [Medium Tank]

    This is my most requested tank to make next to the Maus and t34. that being said i have given this tank the justice it deserves. with and extreme amount of detail and realism. The panther was the German Reaction to the Russian t34 when the Panzer IV was deemed unable to compete with them. There...
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    AMX 50 B [Heavy tank] [Autoloader]

    The AMX 50 B was the french attempt at a close range support tank for infantry and main battle tanks the tank was ordered to weight at least 50 tons and to fire at least 120mm shells. by the end of the project this is the tank churned out with an 8 interleaving road-wheels, tortion-bar...
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    PC recording problems ?

    I have tried recording it in both monitor and source mode its every game that's doing it
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    PC recording problems ?

    i have, i normally use obs and have bandicam as a backup i switched to bandicam and had the same issue
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    PC recording problems ?

    a some of you may not be aware i also have a parent youtube channel hence the RCrockin in my name recently as of the release of bf1 i was looking forward to recording my first experience of the campaign only to find that all the recording were choppy ( 1 minute per frame choppy) and my audio...
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    PC or Console

    PC s performance, modularity, and total control of your system, free range of any game, communities, and ability to multi - task + record console = closed ecosystems, not much free range, exclusives, pay for internet + online subscription
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    Tog II heavy tank

    used to stopped paying it after the community got too toxic
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    Hornet MKIII [Swash plate] [Heavy attack helicopter]

    This is the 3rd development of my Attack helicopters this Helicopter has the most a danced devices including a swash plate, front mounted 30mm cannon, 2 ATGM short range (air to ground missiles), 2 ATGM long range missiles, cockpit with a Navigation wheel, YAW rotary, folding landing gear, and...
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    Tog II heavy tank

    The TOGII was a prototype British Tank developed on the outbreak of WWII in anticipation that it would soon break into trench warfare again when it did not the project was canceled. The TOGII was developed of the original WWI MkI, MKII, and MKIII tanks it was given a elongated chassis, separated...
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    Mod Requests

    heres a good idea how about a mod that shows the center of lift on a machine it would plane building so much easier and work just like the Center Of Mass indicator
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    The Modular Tank tread block

    maybe if its put in as a modular block that detect other road wheels next to it and pus a track around them that way we could choose if we wanted just tracks, independent suspension + tracks. only draw back is it would only allow for slack based tanks tracks like on the Crommwells and t34's...
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    Easy Scale Mod [Besiege v0.45 - v0.60+]

    it still does things other mods cant though :p
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    Easy Scale Mod [Besiege v0.45 - v0.60+]

    and just like that pbp2 disapeared into history :eek:....