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    Converting rotational power to vertical/horizontal

    Probably not hard for anyone to figure out on their own but I came up with this contraption while messing around: Was thinking how in certain builds it might be useful where you want more precise extension rather than a piston just popping out and stopping right...
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    Paradox Engine Airship

    Heres the design I'm talking about. It's not very stable and has an issue with turning on its own, it's also too powerful for not having throttle control. Attached Files Paradox Airship III.bsg
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    Paradox Engine Airship

    I optimized the design by quite a lot and added 2 more engines. My conclusion is that they're pretty damn powerful, at the expense of being bulky
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    Paradox Engine Airship

    Note 2: I probably should've just waited until now to post about this. Anyways I'm adding version #5 of this airship. I rebuilt it from scratch and tried to keep it as small as possible, without leaving it to the torque of a single engine (Things flip without a second engine to counter the...