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    AutoSteer [Spaar`s Modloader]

    Maybe i just didnt see where it said, but what does it actually do? and how do you actually use it?
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    Fail bridge

    alright here it is. the working and stable cable bridge. includes one heave car. Attached Files Its a bridge.bsg
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    Fail bridge

    ive built a successful cable bridge. would you like me to post it for your study?
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    Tank chassis/suspesion Mk7

    The all new, much improved tank suspension chassis. Inspired by an independent suspension by Loophead117 (which can be found here) Info: This new tank suspension system has an independent suspension for each wheel, and instead of pushing the wheel up...
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    Deform-able suspension

    by the way. i tried your suspension, and i have to say, it is not good for tanks. it is very weak, and cant take a fall or climb well. its just a bunch of moving wheels.
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    Just try to lift this

    has nobody been able to do this without changing settings? I did. Also without invincible mode. Attached Files I lifted it.bsg
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    this is an amazing idea! i love it!!
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    Deform-able suspension

    it would be nice if there were pictures on your posts
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    Tank chassis/suspesion Mk5

    Mark 5 of my tank suspension that Ive been working on since day one. Strong and capable of moving over rough terrain easily, the best suspension chassis ive seen so far. Now using big wheels of course. Left Left Right Right Down Reverse...
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    Precision Building Project [PBP v0.04/Besiege v0.04]

    Does this project have integration of the other already existing mods in the future? Because that would be awesome.
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    Interesting Ammunition.

    Im not sure i understand, but i like it...
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    Suggestions for the new forum

    I have no complaints, only the suggestion of a mobile forum app.
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    Siegeblades - Beyblades In Besiege

    This is great, it looks like all the soldiers are cheering.
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    -=*=- New Forum! -=*=-

    image and download attachments dont work for some reason. it might just be me though.
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    Precision Building Project [PBP v0.04/Besiege v0.04]

    The downloads seem to be broken. they aren't showing up... is this a problem on my side?