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    Update 17 - Version 0.4

    Im not complaining but... Arent a lot of features requested more important than the campaign levels?
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    Monthly Challenge June/July!

    where did people go?
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    Update 15 - V0.32 Has Been Released!

    Including the symmetry tool is very useful and doesnt leave that disappointment feeling after getting "just" a bug fix. If you do more bug bashes remember to include a cool thing too, even if its just one. BTW is there a date for fixing the wheels physics?
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    Besiege V0.30 Has Been Released

    yesterday besiege downloaded an update. what is it?
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    Besiege V0.30 Has Been Released

    hey, the panning using the middle mouse button is VERY VERY slow. is there any way to increase its speed? i cant check the sandbox like this i miss some constructions like the castles in the new sandbox. and i think that some constructions in the new sandbox should be able to be destroyed like...
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    How to not break blades?

    probably blades work as any other weapon, where they have a preset damage when they hit something at certain speed. i suppose its this way because, well, its the simplest and because as you said it cant slice.
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    Auto delete notification in message center after reading

    ^This. Is there a way? I dont want that notification to remain there when I click on the notification to read it.
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    How to not break blades?

    nope, i mean the blades themselves. since i wasnt sure i made a test, you can see, 2 blades broken. rotation speed is x1, though i noticed that if i reduce it to x0.75 they are less likely to break, however they are less deadly...
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    ballasts not attaching

    thanks you.
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    OMG Water is here

    those panels act as a brake in the perpendicular direction, like irl but more powerful. the third seems like water is going through the panel, thus creating this result. maybe elevating the cannon can "fix" it. the fourth does something similar, but it seems that steam is way more powerful...
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    ballasts not attaching

    I just didnt know that ballasts worked like that. Now that I know it I can "use" it. The problem as I said, is that they have attachment points in all 6 faces and it would seem that it would attach to each face, like wooden blocks do. I dont know if the behavior is intended or not but if its...
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    Grabber and piston settings not saved/loaded in others machine

    I just tested grabber test. Both of them fall down. Can anyone else test it?
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    Grabber and piston settings not saved/loaded in others machine

    gonna try now. btw, i just asked this user. when i load it pistons arent set to toggle but he said he set them:
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    Amanda, the Flying Fortress (beats all levels)!

    One question. Did you set the landing gear pistons to be toggled?
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    Grabber and piston settings not saved/loaded in others machine

    Yes and yes. Well, I could be wrong but its suspicious that all the pistons that are supposed to be toggled and all grabbers that are grabbing the floor arent set this way when i use others machine. For example look at this video from another guy, he uses the workshop machine gun and has 4...