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    compact flying thing needed

    I'll see if I can help
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    Signature, it's under my posts. You may not be able to see signatures on your mobile
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    Haha BTW if you looked at my sig, you might br hyped xD
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    Share your first successful machine!

    This was my first ever creation I had uploaded, back when besiege had only ipsilon, and when the apache helicopter was at it's glory.
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    Been a while, FrizB :D
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    Pick-up DU10

    Another aesthetically pleasing creation, running over filthy pheasants will top that off :D
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    Pick-up DU10

    OMG where were you on besiege downloads?
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    Stop thread`s auto-scroll?

    Even I have this problem, so annoying! -_-
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    Attach a powered wheel, place a random block on it. Put props on the random block, then delete the block. Use no clip mod or fps glitch to attach a second wheel where the block was, and boom! You're done!
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    SR-71 Flapbird (Ornithopter)

    Amazing creation! :D
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    8up: An 8 block machine to beat all 30 zones!

    Now try making a machine that is bomb and fire proof and can beat all zones :D
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    Woops grammar fail
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    They looks almost as cool and epic as my balls That means insanely cool and epic
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    B-29 Superfortress Enola Gay - Heavy Strategic Bomber

    "Enola gay" Whoever came up with that name lol