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    Ideas on how to improve Besiege 101

    The pipe is much lighter and snaps in half/breaks much easier.
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    Ideas on how to improve Besiege 101

    Considering that Besiege only has 3 types of structure blocks, I think the focus within development should be directed to there instead of the weapons for a while. Structure block related ideas *Pipe : A 3 block long pipe similar to the spike but with 2 connection points, 1 on each end. Can...
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    Variable Weight Block [ID:228]

    Can this be used for perpetual motion? :)
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    STEEP - A Besiege recreation

    Controlls: 1, 2 - Activate skiing or/and snowboarding Arrow keys - steering and flipping. ~Challanges~ *Do a 360* over the bombs with skiing Henrik. *Do a front flip through the trees with snowboarding Mike. *Push 1 and 2 at the same time and make sure that both survives through the course...
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    Project K.I.T.C.H.E.N

    Functional kitchen with the following furniture and gadgets. *Toaster :: Press 1 to start toasting your bread. *Sink :: Press 2 to start washing your dishes. *Stove :: Press 3 to overcook your... bread? *Oven :: Press 4 to steak your bread. (Open and close with R) *Fridge :: Store your bread...
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    Le kite

    Le kite is a fully realistic glider that doesn't use any sort of wheels or balloons to keep it up in the air, only real human movement. The hardest thing to do was probably making it catch enough wind to be able to glide and not dive. This is my first official creation and I hope you enjoy...
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    Can I download skin packs anywhere else than from Steam workshop?

    Hello! My steam workshop isn't working properly and I want to be able to download skinpacks, is there a thread somewhere I can use?