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    they wont appear they are in your besiege folder in folder named "saved machines"
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    Easy to fly Quadcopter /W auto stabilisation

    Hmm... IDK Are you broken siegegames? xD
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    Easy to fly Quadcopter /W auto stabilisation

    Oops ill try to fix it :D
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    Easy to fly Quadcopter /W auto stabilisation

    Well... It's a quadcopter. It is very stable and and easy to fly. It is also very durable, you can fly with half of the rotors broken without a problem. Controls: - Arrows = Roll, Pitch - Z & X = Yaw - Left Shift & - Control. =Up & Down PS. Id like to see you guys weaponise this thing :D
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    Machine Gun Help

    6-8 cannons rotating inside of half pipe and torch/flamethrower firing them?
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    Youtube and Besiege

    Looks great :D Subbed. I like the idea there are not many besiege youtubers beside Shadé so looking fowards for your channel to grow :)
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    As ITR said above maybe your games timescale is on 200% or if you have plenty of processes and other aplications running on the same time that could cause the lag :/
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    What are your specs steam says the minimum specs are these if your specs are under these i dont thing it will run very well :D Minimum: OS: Windows XP (latest SP) Processor: 2.2Ghz Dual Core Memory: 2 GB RAM Graphics: 512mb Dedicated VRAM DirectX: Version 9.0c Storage: 1 GB available...
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    Mod Requests

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    [SOLVED] *Mod reguest* Throttle mod [SOLVED]

    Ohh didnt notice that thank you so much <3 btw do i have to delete this post? yhx again
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    [SOLVED] *Mod reguest* Throttle mod [SOLVED]

    i know i have that mod but the problem is that when i let go of the stick lets say it controls wheel speed, the wheel stops
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    [SOLVED] *Mod reguest* Throttle mod [SOLVED]

    I got an idea today. Why there isnt a mod that allows you to add or decrease slider values on creation like the throttle option in vector thrusters mod expample car is stopped, pressing up arrow it starts to move. longer i would press it faster it would go when i let go it still would drive the...
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    creating your own blocks

    i guess you arent national english speaker ( nether am i :D) so i dont really know what you mean but if you want to create own blocks that is very complicated so i guess you should request someone to make that for you :D
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    Tracking Computer Block [ID:525/526][Besiege 0.4]

    it doesnt work for me i just get the normal tracking computer block what somewhat works but the advanced one is just doublewoodden block
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    Might be Usefull