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    Possible Besiege/Spiderling merch?

    When I last looked at the save files (yeah, quite some time ago) the data was sectioned by property. There was a list of locations, one for block type, orientation... etc. A block would be in each list, and I don't think there were things like block IDs; it was all location based (the block at...
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    Possible Besiege/Spiderling merch?

    3D printing Besiege machines isn't all that easy. The way the data is saved (last I checked) is not easily readable and it'd be best if software were developed to decrypt it and load in the models. Even then you'd need block models that can be properly printed. That's why I modeled my print by...
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    Trying out another building game!

    I've seen episodes of this game pop up in a few channels on YouTube, but I haven't actually watched any videos of it. Is there a goal or a bunch of missions like in Besiege, or is it just a sandbox?
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    Stop thread`s auto-scroll?

    I think it's because the reply textbox is active so the screen scrolls down to the textbox in preparation for you to type. Really annoying, I agree.
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    Isn`t it about time we make a better trailer?

    I think a new trailer should be 90% "basic" vanilla Besiege and 10% the complex machines that have been made. While it is cool to see what has been done with the game I feel like it may be intimidating new players if all they see is the impressive stuff the best 10% of the community has made...
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    Help Besiege Win Indiedb`s `Indie of The Year` Award!

    Didn't realize Besiege was on IndieDB; good thing you informed me. Good luck and hopefully you get an award.
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    FAS - UAV Carrier

    That's actually very impressive. It got even better with the video. Really nice work.
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    3D Printing the Cannon Beetle [Check it Out]

    Yeah, they all move properly. However, the hinges on the front wheels make it hard to roll the machine around; they keep turning backward. I will probably just remove their ability to turn in the future. Would anyone be interested in seeing another, slightly more complicated machine...
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    3D Printing the Cannon Beetle [Check it Out]

    I don't think I'll colour this one. If I do more, I'll consider painting them, but with all the small spaces it would just be easier to get a coloured print done.
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    3D Printing the Cannon Beetle [Check it Out]

    I should mention that the material sticks to itself so those small "dust" bits are going to take a bit of effort to get rid of. The whole thing feels like a rubbery plastic (think like the thumbstick of a controller)
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    3D Printing the Cannon Beetle [Check it Out]

    Well I got the printed model, and it turned out pretty great. Sadly, it wasn't perfect as some parts broke while printing. One of the hinges holding a wheel broke and the pin that holds the steering block to the vehicle broke and was lost (I never got it); the pin on the cannon is still intact...
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    I`m writing a HUGE guide! Help please!

    I'll have to take a better look at the guide another time, but I did notice your artillery section. I couldn't tell you where I picked it up from, but I've been using a cannon-propelled missile since I started constructing mobile missile launcher platforms, no mods needed. It still works after...
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    3D Printing the Cannon Beetle [Check it Out]

    So I sent the model in a few days ago, and I can pick it up on Monday! Best part is that it cost me under $100, which is a good surprise. Photos will come when I get it.
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    3D Printing the Cannon Beetle [Check it Out]

    I could probably also find a way to make the bomb work (like hollowing it out), but I'm not going to do that for a list of reasons.
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    3D Printing the Cannon Beetle [Check it Out]

    I've been working on this little thing periodically over the past couple weeks. Have some information: I printed this design from my college. This machine cost about $75 and financially and physically fits on a credit card. Each block is 9mm^3 and the slabs between them are 9x9x3 The focus of...