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    What Are Your Favorite Besiege Campaign Levels?

    I personally would love to see more flying levels to make players think outside the box or levels where players have to build a deployable bridge, just more levels that require more thought. :) that or levels with the restraint of certain blocks or functions (or a setting that prevents things...
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    Help! Please compact this helicopter swashplate!

    I made a functional helicopter swashplate. I can mod but I'm not sure how to make this more compact.(I know I could just make everything smaller but that doesn't help)(I need it to fly) the swashplate could use some refining if possible and if you make one that I use, I will give credit (just...
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    No Requets? Jeez.

    Hey, mod creators! I would personally like to be able to add pins to anything. THANK YOU in advance :) P.S. sorry if this exists if so please tell me and ill delete this (pbp2 doesnt work)