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    Working on Something Help Requested.

    I'm working on a tank but the tracks and the design is a bit clunky and bumpy. If you could modify it I would appreciate it. :)
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    I Would Like Help Making Something

    I know I know. Another forum from me again. Well, this time I would like some help putting a suspension system into this car I made (credits to Sanpyr for helping me out on this car);
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    I Would Like Help Improving a Turning System

    Thanks man! Have a nice day! :)
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    I Would Like Help Improving a Turning System

    Nope the ball joints weren't necessary for function purposes just for design, and how do I send a .bsg file..?
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    I Would Like Help Improving a Turning System

    I have created a turning system today, which is actually my first system I have ever made! :D But, I ran into an issue where the turning was very long if you know what I mean. Here are some screenshots of my system: If you know some ways to improve it let me know. Thank you for your help! :)
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    Besiege Mod Troubles

    Nevermind, I had forgot to put it in the folder, thanks for the help though.
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    Besiege Mod Troubles

    Oh also, I did attempt to reinstall the mod too. I kept trying to do that but it still didn't work, I'm beginning to think it might be it's because it could be out-of-date?
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    Besiege Mod Troubles

    I've been having troubles with TGYD's Building Tools lately. It was not letting me select, translate, or anything in the mod in general. My laptop broke due to something in my laptop's software, (R.I.P. Laptop XXXX-2017), and after that issue I reinstalled all of my Besiege stuff. But, now that...
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    Besiege-er Besiege-ing

    Besiege-er Besiege-ing