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    It is done, the Archangel is complete

    Looks awesome!, but probably won't even try loading this beast )
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    Ares Coaxial Helicopter

    Battle helicopter carrying 6 bombs, 2 cannons and a grabber with two set of counter-rotating airblades fixed on a single axle. Quite stable but controls require practicing: - Up / Down - [Y] / [H] - Pitch forward / backward - [I] / [K] - Roll clockwise / counterclockwise - [L] / [J]...
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    Auto Stabilizing Helicopter Challenge (BE THE FIRST/CHANGE THE GAME)

    Could you clarify please: > I'm proposing a challenge/competition to be the first person to create a helicopter that: hovers above the ground, at a constant rate. The helicopter must not rely on input (key mapping) to hover without downward or upward pull. You want a helicopter that keeps it's...