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    MultiMod [Besiege v0.05]

    What about a zero gravity button ? Its a pain to find the 0 on the slider. Good work so far
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    well if we had multiplayer that would result in MASSIVE lag we get lag with 1 machine how would it be with 10 on one map ?
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    Unlimited Cannon?

    nice mod man
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    I don`t like the new forums its lacking stuff the old forums had

    also where are the peasant,builder etc. ranks ?:c
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    Blow up balloons

    yeah thats what i mean
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    Blow up balloons

    Well yeah you could do that but that would just take too much time and space.
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    Blow up balloons

    like normal balloons but when you place them they are just a box and don't do anything but when you press a key they come out of the box and get blown up like normal balloons. They should also have adjustable buyoancy(like normal ones)