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    Achevement suggestions from discord!

    -"yeet" all castles? (destroy by ramming) -steam something? -speed2? (already one speed achevement in game) -knights slain in 10 sec? (and other time-based) -play mv with a friend? -complete a user-made map? -air based? -avoid collisions/fly for x amount of time (no pin/nograv) "falling...
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    Reason for MV instability?

    I was talking more about how you lose connection when building too fast, crossbows crashing the host, loading/unloading too fast causing issues, things that wouldn't be an issue in singleplayer. (Although the stuff you pointed out is maybe what most issues are caused by), and continuing on the...
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    Reason for MV instability?

    Not talking about a specific issue, just wondering is the reason MV is laggy/unstable caused by a collection of various bugs or a fundamental issue in how the system works? (Like the way info is sent from host to
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    Bow limb / leaf spring

    stack frozen cogs on top of each other and there you go
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    Multiple map sizes for MV maps!

    Continuing on what i said before, i had an idea for how this could be implemented maybe. (at least partially) Is it possible to teleport the entire machine as one, similar to when you load a machine into play, but keeping the velocity?
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    One-way gears possible?

    I know how to build them but block count is important and i dont want my machines to be dependent on mods.
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    One-way gears possible?

    would love to see one-way gears added to besiege, and as someone who doesn't understand coding one bit it seems like an easy feature to add, since we already have frozen cogs, so just freeze one way and allow the other? I mean I'm most likely wrong on that but it would make a lot of things a lot...
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    Multiple map sizes for MV maps!

    The current MV map (2k by 2k) is too small. Not for levels but for pvp etc. I am aware of the custom scene mod, however it has too many problems (cannonballs disappearing, console errors, not having a border at all) to be an acceptable fix. Even being able to choose between the 2k^2 and 4k^2 map...
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    Besiege discord server?

    I was wondering if we are going to get a besiege discord server ever, like link it on the forums and such. It would maybe bring more activity to the community, because forums are kind of and outdated way to communicate. it would also be like a big group chat for the community
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    Will Spiderling ever allow mods to the Steam Workshop?

    I think one of the most important things for forums to live is the mod community, and as the steam community is so huge, it can be difficult to get your voice heard. As such I hope the modding stays here on the forums! :)
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    [POLL] Do you want Zone 26 (Odd Contraption) removed?

    The fun of besiege should come from the community and sharing your stuff, not the levels only, and i think these levels are neccessary to introduce new players to the mechanics of besiege. The campaign doesn't need to be anything special, and even then adding more should be the top priority! :)
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    Full-Auto Bomb Revolver C26E

    "medieval machines can you people not read"