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    shrapnel motor V8

    this is nostalgic, reminds me of old besoog days
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    What is the Lore of Besiege?

    I assume we are doing something along the lines of what the british empire did, trying to take over the world.
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    Crossbow Buffs, Cannon Buffs

    i think that crossbows need a bit of a rework they get very messed up when scaled, and when your flying the arrows even if not modded will often pass through things.
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    Chat Thread

    Just a chat for whenever im at school and cannot access discord.
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    When's mod loader getting an update?

    whatever I don't think he did.
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    Re loadable small steam cannon- REQUEST

    i think i can do it now, its been a while since i posted this.
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    When's mod loader getting an update?

    Aw come on don't encourage him to annoy spaar he's got enough people asking him for updates already. Just let him do his thing his way.
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    How to delete my account?

    yeah you gotta get rid of the whole thing is ruined now *throws out pc*
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    Multiverse re loadable controllable cannon

    thing is i dont know how to do any of this if youve been watching the discord and notice my profile pic youll see i have the problem on both sights
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    Multiverse re loadable controllable cannon

    yes ive been trying but i cant even get it to reload
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    Multiverse re loadable controllable cannon

    Can someone walk me through the process of making a MV cannon that can be controlled via keyboard inputs?
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    Workshop mods

    Of course the mods would have to work in a different way some how (note: I'm not educated in this field) Im just suggestion an idea for the future. Gmod and Simple planes do it, most likely even more.
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    [1P] Chop wood AB01

    just add dirt otherwise i find this adorable
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    Workshop mods

    i know we arnt getting it anytime soon but this would allow a more specific and wider range of mods
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    [POLL] Do you want Zone 26 (Odd Contraption) removed?

    The only level that even resembles a puzzle