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    Question about building beyond the standard blocks.

    So I have spent over 700 hours in besiege building various things and getting pretty good at it. The thing is that the creations I build are either entirely made of unchanged blocks or things with blocks modified in a simple way like the way like using a resiser mod on wheels and frame pieces to...
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    Tutorial ~ How to Use and Create a Custom Skin Pack

    Is there any way that I can change the skin of all of the parts on an already built machine?
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    The Devastator - 18 power canon, wheel based turret

    Not gonna lie, im kinda curious as to what team.
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    Question about zones 6 and 12 in original level.

    I just want to know if there is a way to spawn more of the ore balls in zone 6 or more of the wood bundles in zone 12. I know there is the sandbox that has 6 of each but the machines i build tend to rely on the speed of the game being a 1x and they are quite large so they lag on that level.
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    What Are Your Favorite Besiege Campaign Levels?

    I like zones 6 and 12 given the ability to create machines that manipulate those level pieces in various different ways.
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    How to deal with mechanical slop issues.

    Well I think its possible given most of the slop is in the actual actuators themselves rather than the physical arms. There is slop on the arm but if i can for the most part get rid of the slop in the actuation drive it will make it better. Yay?
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    How to deal with mechanical slop issues.

    Pneumatics in besiege? Also since this isn't real life im checking if there was something in the game that can prevent this and im just missing it. Also irl we have ways of dealing with this slop which for us is caused by backlash and backdriving. Actually the frc robot that this is based off of...
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    How to deal with mechanical slop issues.

    Here is the video, only took me like 14 hours because I fell asleep. What my issue is should be made cleared by the video and how the arm bounces back and fourth. When the arm swings up I'm only holding down the key I set to fold it up and not pressing back but it still swings back and fourth.
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    How to deal with mechanical slop issues.

    Il get a short video together of it.
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    How to deal with mechanical slop issues.

    So I have built several frc based machines that have large moving arms, some on steering modules and others on steering hinges. The problem is that when the arm system is actuated to any angle the hinge will bend an extra 20 degrees and then it will bend back to like -15 degrees of the target...