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    Worm Gears In Besiege.

    It has been suggested so many times that maybe they'll start working on it.
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    More multiplayer & level editor features , visual effects

    Server Browser and light sources are great ideas. Map voting is basically already in the game, just tell your admin what you want to play. Custom background music can cause problems however.
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    Spinning block reversible?

    Yo, you can reverse the direction of any moving block (except pistons) by hovering your mouse over it and pressing the F (for Flip) key over it.
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    Scaling Physics/Tool

    They are working on EasyScale to be in the game, but they postponed it since basically someone did all the work for them. They can actually just put EasyScale into the game itself, but why bother when anyone can have it as optional? Personally, I like building vanilla machines. I am more...
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    More Meshes, Objects and decals for the Level Editor

    Im referring to the level editor. There are levels in the campaign where the knights use cannons against your machines. These would be so fun to mess around with in the editor, and provide countless possibilities.
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    More sounds!

    Adding sounds isnt really necessary, can u imagine if ur machine had like 500 wheels or a ton of something else? Sound files cause a bit more lag and multiple overlapping sounds will be rlly annoying
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    All my suggestions.

    everything floating actually makes sense; you cant make a watertight shell without just having a single block that could be flattened out like a raft. Besides that, I support all of your ideas except the tracks one. I enjoy making tracks and it provides a challenge to those who need to learn how...
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    Scaling Physics/Tool

    It is not hard. No file editing required. Download the EasyScale mod off the Besiege Steam Workshop while you're in-game(just like subscribing to a machine) and give it a try. Download the NoBounds mod the same way for unlimited scaling. The new update allows easy in-game mod-downloading, and...
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    More Meshes, Objects and decals for the Level Editor

    I agree with this, but first they should think about adding more stuff to the "weapons" section (cannons for example). +1 idea
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    Layer System

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    Turning off the ability for another player to copy my machine. (Feature needs a lot of fixing)

    I know this feature is already in the game, but it is imperfect and not reliable. Read below: Simple as that. Ive had 3 cases where someone copied my machine and put it on the shop, or they save it in their files and pass it off as their own, or they use it against you. It should be toggleable...
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    Mod request: Rocket Explosion radius mod

    People like to mess around with rockets and change their explosion power to unbelievable numbers, as it is the only explosive in the game with a changeable power. However the radius is so small (about a block in every direction away from the rocket) that it is useless unless the rocket is...
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    why arent there female peasants?

    Ok, what? Are you seriously trying to make a stand about how there are no females in this game? You realize that a game where you murder a bunch of peasants with flamethrowers, spinning saws, and bombs, it wouldn't be very good if you are doing this to women, especially peasant women. It sounds...
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    Increase the boundaries of barren expanse in the multiverse

    Yes, i want this added. But remember they made it smaller for a reason, as multiplayer + level editor + big map = lag. So this should be an optional thing.
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    My memes are crispy

    My memes are crispy